The month is April and I am amazed of how fast the new year has gone by and really not really new anymore. It also represents the YEAR mark I left away from home and began my new lifestyle working and traveling around the world. I am so happy and grateful for this wonderful life of complete freedom and adventure I have achieved and get to live out each and every day of my life. It hasn’t been all peaches and cream but it has been worth it. Traveling is great, do not get me wrong but when your traveling back to back from one place to another without any real breaks in between you become to feel exhausted and well… tired of moving if that makes sense. Maybe it’s craving what we call “routine.” Maybe your just tired of unpacking and repacking every few hours or days. That’s why I decided I needed to stop for a bit to get myself together in a funky town called Georgetown located in Penang, Malaysia. Being a adventure traveler I can say Penang is FULL of it and if your stopping by for a while these are the TOP 5 ADVENTUROUS THINGS you should make a effort to do and see!



This is the only place you can go to on the island to really get away from all the hustle and bustle. Being located a hour outside of Georgetown, it is fairly easy to get to via the 101 bus from Komtar Bus station, by uber, taxi or hitchhiking which I can verify has worked for me many times before. The two famous places to see would be Monkey Beach & Turtle Beach. Monkey beach has many activities they offer on the beach; including riding RVS through the jungle , doing a trek to the lighthouse or camping on the beach at lazy boys located at the very end of monkey beach.



Penang Hill was another great escape shortly outside of the city. You have a choice to either take the tram up & down, to hike up & down or mix it up like me and my buddy did. The hike itself is a challenge even for the most fit so do bring a bottle of water but man the view from the top is wonderful!Now that you did the hard part I would recommend to ride the cable cart back down to the bottom(one way $15 Ringgit) as it is very fast,very fun and you will get a awesome outlook over the city at night!



Kek Lok Si temple is suppose to be the biggest temple in South East Asia and Malaysia. The architecture is to die for and even better you can come dressed as you are without having to wear any special attire. Keep in mind the only time you can see the temple lights at night is during the Chinese New Year. Most importantly remember the people are what make the experience so bring a awesome group of travelers like these with you!


Right in the middle of town lies the First Avenue Mall and in it you will find The Escape Room. Start in one room with a partner or as a group as you make your way from one room to another solving puzzle after puzzle to escape or solve a task within 45 minutes!!! Believe me, the rooms are very challenging so don’t think you can come in buzzed or stoned to be able to complete and escape on time. As far as Adventure goes I have to say it is well worth it. Imagine playing a video game live with only one life available.


Not only is this adventurous but really good for your health. Penang Island takes about 6-8 hours to do a full loop around so starting early may be your best option. Bikes can be rented for as low as 15 Ringgit for a full day around the island. The best thing is there is no limit to where you can go not to mention at your own pace! Make sure to bring a small bag, lots of water and a umbrella just in case the weather switches up on your trip. I would highly suggest finding a big hill in town to ride down at full speed… you will not be disappointed!!!


Malaysia has more to it that meets the eye. Throughout backpacking around here I would say Georgetown,Penang was my favorite stop over in Malaysia by far and is HIGHLY recommended if commuting between Thailand to Malaysia or vice versa. Hell, visit just to experience the culture, food, weather and wonderful people Georgetown has to offer. As of now I will be doing a 10 meditation retreat where I will be completely disconnected from the outside world so wish me luck. Happy and Safe travels to all! – The Archatek.


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