Hello everyone! This ones actually includes a video as well you can check out HERE!

Check out some of the products below if your looking to start crossing off your list!


This is the camera I use. A canon 70D! I absolutely love this camera and recommend it for anyone who wants to invest in a really good camera for travel photography.

Click Here To Checkout The Canon 70D



Next item is the locks I use to secure my luggage at times and mainly when I stay in hostels throughout my stay. It is always good to have some form of security over your belongings trust me. These locks are really good because there TSA approved. I find it helpful to have at least 3 throughout your travels.

2 Pack of TSA Approved Locks

4 Pack of TSA Approved Locks


                               3) Books

Books are always amazing to have. My two favorite to read traveling are listed below. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. They can really help get your imagination going!

The Alchemist

The Secret


4) G-Shock Watches

The number one watch I recommend for travel is A Gshock hands down. Why? It’s waterproof, tough and resistant to most things. Its a survival watch that tells all the basics in digital format. What time it is, what day, what month and can perform the essentials any watch can. Check some out below.

Check Out These G-shocks

5) Go Pro Video Cameras

Tired of being a rookie? Than it is time to GoPro. Literally if your a adventure seeker these cameras ARE A MUST! These are good for any adventures from skydiving, to bungee jumping to pretty much anything. These cameras are amazing. The one I have is the GoPro4 Hero Silver which is great because it has a back camera. The newest version The GoPro5 is also available.

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver         Go Pro Hero 5                  Go Pro Hero 4 Black


What you need is what I like to call all around shoes. Shoes you can use everyday walking around, running or even going on hikes. The ones I use are usually associated with Nike as they produce the best quality and if you like to take a look check them out.

Nike All Purpose Shoes



If your up for long term travel and ready to make a home on the road literally you will need a tent. Every nomad has a tent and it is good to have one in case your low on money or out in the middle of nowhere. It is always safe knowing you have a home on the road. I personally go with Coleman as they make high quality and affordable outdoor gear even outside of tents. If your one person still go for a two person tent to have space for your belongings inside.

Coleman Tents



Smart Phones are a must. Everyone must have one by now but if your looking for one cheap and affordable to use worldwide, go with Samsung as I always do. With these phones there unlocked so you can buy a sim card easily anywhere and pop it right in. The screen is nice and the battery will literally save your life. A fully charged battery could last all day with no problem.

Samsung J5 Galaxy



Laptops are great for anyone looking to work remote or even having somewhere you can watch movies when your on the road! I couldn’t imagine life without a laptop, I hope I don’t sound overly obsessed with technology. HP is always my brand of choice as there durable, reliable and long lasting computers. The HP for me stands for High Perfomance, High Positivity and High Productivity.

HP 2017 15.6 Inch Intel Core 8GB     HP 2017 15.6 Flagship



A Backpackers Backpack is much easier than carrying a luggage around. This is something you will need and if so a good one. Good bags I personally use and trust are REI and Thule. Here are some Thule bags below you can checkout!

Thule Medium Sized Bags    Thule Men Backpackers Bag  

Thule Woman Backpackers Bag

Hope you find this all helpful folks. Don’t forget you can check out the video by clicking the link at the top of the page. Happy and safe travels!