Throughout the experience of traveling I am always made aware to remain one thing as a person as should all travelers. I am not trying to refine you characteristics or you as a person in whole but to remind you we all should be GRATEFUL. The fact of the matter is we are exploring and seeing places the average person will never get to see and experience. Standing in time squares New York , riding a camel out to the Middle of Australia or watching a sunset while riding canoes drinking and having fun with your friends…there is SO MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR!

Technically as said with the Law of Attraction (Positive thinking attracts positive/ negative attracts negative) by asserting those positive thoughts your attracting more things to be grateful for. Okay….let’s think outside the laws of nature. I’ll break it down step by step the things one should be grateful for while traveling.

1)The Opportunity Think about it. Most people’s lives are filled giving away time to things outside of themselves they don’t have the time to even travel. Working a 9-5 maybe two, going to school, raising kids etc. the list can go on and as you will see all make it a bit harder to find time to travel I am sure we all can agree. Thus why we that choose to live day by day on the road should be grateful what we get to see and do while traveling.

2) The Culture– There’s nothing like living out of your comfort zone. Experiencing life from a different point of view. Culture is a powerful word that really does impact your travel anywhere you may go. It’s intriguing to see how collectively a group of people, dress, eat and act in their own society.You always learn a different approach to things by immersing yourself into the culture and that’s a lot to be grateful for. 

3) The People– Good and bad, people make up the unique experience we have traveling abroad.There’s no better way to truly understand a place without the guides and people you speak with on your journey. Being alone is not bad, but having the few people to create and share memories with is one thing to be grateful for a lifetime.

4) The Food– Trying new foods can go one of two ways. You’ll either taste something, spit it back out and vow to never eat it again or you’ll love it so much you’ll keep coming back for more. On my first traveling  experience I tried dumplings for the first time and til this day still love eating them. I highly recommend to try new foods while traveling you’ll learn something one way or another. You never know what you may come across…be optimistic. 

5) The Experience –  Yes, the adventure or as I call it the experience itself is something truly to be grateful for. Similar to opportunity in a way , cherish the experience! Going to France and bungee jumping off the Effie tower, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef , having a bonfire on a private beach having drinks with a group of friends are all things not to take for granted. It just doesn’t happen everyday! So you should feel lucky, feel blessed, feel grateful. We get to have experiences most people won’t have in a lifetime.

6) The Change – Most people resist it but i say let it happen and be grateful for it.Without change your life would remain the same (yawns*) and that would be pretty dull and boring if you ask me. Change always brings something , good or bad. And to tell you the truth , it;s just our perspective on things that give us the illusion that something is truly bad. Change from a 9-5 workaholic to a wealthy and free spirit is good change. Through change we learn how to adapt and through adaptation we learn how to survive.

So let me ask you or even better ask yourself, “Have I been grateful?” Grateful for the opportunity, culture, food, people, experiences, change and more you receive while traveling? Just to give you a scope into my personal life I’ll give you a tip and trick I use every morning when i get up. One of the first things I do I open my journal ( yes I have one ahaha) and go to a specific page where I write one thing I am grateful for followed by a positive thought. It could be something I am grateful for that day or in general but I make sure to remind myself how blessed and grateful I am everyday! That being said, be grateful my fellow viewers for everything in life in general. Believe me things can always be worst, let’s be grateful it is not! And because every experience in life is temporarily we have that much more to be grateful for. Thanks for tuning in, til next time..Happy and Safe travels- The Archatek.