Traveling solo on your first journey can be fearful but it should NOT be something that stops you from overall experiencing the joy and the wonders of traveling. If this is your first time traveling away from home believe me it’s natural. If not than I am sure you already know the feeling of exploring somewhere new on your own and maybe you shook that fear but perhaps you missed out on a lot of things because you were to fearful to do by yourself such as camping out in the woods or hitch hiking on the road to your next destination. With movies like Taken, you know with Liam Neeson the man who got his daughter kidnapped in Europe where he has to fly over seas to kick some ass yet alone the news filling our heads with “constant danger” overseas it’s no wonder why so many people are fearful to travel by themselves…except Germans haha they are natural born travelers.

Traveling by myself I was very fearful but as I began to see the rewards in solo travel I began to wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. I even have funny conversations with travelers along the way of how the media is filled with such lies and excuse my language but horse shit! Half of the “threats” are either misinterpreted, non existing or over exaggerated but than again how would you know that unless you experience it first hand? I hope by not believing everything you see online. Better to experience something once than to hear about it a thousand times for sure. Being a solo traveler gives you absolute freedom and control over your journey every step of the way and you do not have to worry because your never truly alone with all the new faces you constantly meet. I love traveling with other people but I want to show you how to overcome the fear so you can stand on your God given two feet on your own.


I am a strong believer that the only thing that can get you in trouble is lack of awareness and common sense. Obviously walking down a dark empty alley in the middle of the night would not be smart especially as a female traveler even though I have to admit I am just a brave soul and do it all the time haha. Another thing to mention is the difference of traveling solo as a male and female. I am a male so I can only give it to you from that stand point but still generically we all need to be aware of everything from our surroundings, to the people….to EVERYTHING! When I mean this not in the sense of being paranoid but just being alert of what is going on around you at all times. Meditation is a good way to increase your awareness besides practicing good observation skills. Being aware will help you feel safe thus eliminating the fear of being somewhere on your own.


The first thing to clarify is there is “good” and “bad” everywhere. What that means is you are just as safe or unsafe as where you are now as where you could be. Sure every place has it’s bad parts which means it has to have it’s good parts as well…try finding those! Being brave comes from within so you don’t need to know how to protect yourself or anything before hand to be so. Logically speaking most of the time if your not looking for trouble it will not find you! The fact of the matter is the chance of you being in the wrong place at the wrong time are extremely slim. If you are in the wrong place unless you set yourself up in that position and it was a outside factor; there was nothing you could of done to prevent it in the first place. Be brave and take action.


The energy you send out is the energy you receive back. Being positive is one thing but training your mind to think that way is another. Naturally it seems were always worried about the worst that can happen. How good would it feel to look at every situation and to focus on the best that can happen? There seriously is no point in constantly worrying about this and worrying about that. Just let things be and instead of focusing on the things you do not want why not focus on the things instead that you do want? Picture yourself having a good time. Getting to and from anywhere safely. Feeling happy and grateful for each opportunity and moment you get to live life freely and adventurously. Be prepared but also be positive.


Start giving yourself more “me time” and find stuff to do by yourself while your at home not traveling. Go on a nature walk by yourself. Go out to eat, go watch a movie or go try something new by yourself. Just go do something you like and make sure to do it by yourself By getting yourself into the habits of doing things by yourself before you leave on your trip you will feel more comfortable being alone. Not only that will but it will help you start developing some social skills I am sure you never use at home by yourself when you go out with your friends and family. Remember one thing. The way you came in this world is the same way you will go out…ALONE! I don’t say this in a way to scare you but open you up to the fact we came into this life this way so there must be a significant lesson we must learn to being okay being alone sometimes.


There is nothing worst than watching a opportunity go by you know you want to do and regretting it later down the road in life for not taking it. Let me ask you a question that may be a no brainer. Do you like feeling good or feeling bad? Hopefully the answer was good. Now here is another one. How does regret make you feel? BAD! So why live a life feeling bad? You are here reading this which means obviously you want to get out and travel but maybe not by yourself. Well that’s a shame because that is the only person you need to make anything happen in life…yourself! Do not be afraid to go out and explore on your own. It’s the only person you can count on to making things happen. You can not blame another person for not going to see the Eiffel tower or hiking your way through the Himalayas as you always dreamed. For all we know we can only have one life I just hope you plan to live it with no regrets to the fullest. Better to hate a experience after doing it to have not tried at all.

Doing things by yourself for the first time can be a scary thing believe me I know still being a solo traveler to this day. However it is not a reason to stop you from experiencing the great moments travel brings to you. Fear is just a state of mind and you will never know how things would of gone if you do not take that fear and turn it into faith. You first have to change your thoughts in your mind and I guarantee the reality around you will change. Listen to travel podcast such as Jason who host the Zero To Travel podcast every morning to get you excited about traveling. Hope this was a help. Comment down below to tell me what action you will start to take to prepare for your next journey. I love to hear. Happy and safe travels. Thank you very much! Remember to live a life of freedom and adventure! -The Archatek