Traveling by yourself can be a scary thing the first time you set off on a journey abroad to a unfamiliar place. Without your friends, family, significant other or pets to keep you company along the way loneliness is sure to be felt as some point in time… it’s natural believe me. Not to mention if you got into any trouble the only support that can get to you fast enough is YOU! You will quickly realize you are on your own and have to learn to stand on your own two feet. It may sound scary but trust me it is a good thing! The truth is if you are a backpack traveler and less of a tourist your bound to meet loads of new faces each and everyday of your travels. Honestly meeting new people by yourself is much easier than when you are in a group. Don’t get me wrong I love traveling around with the cool and interesting people I meet along the way. However, traveling by yourself gives you more freedom and control over your experience. When you are by yourself you can arrive somewhere, decide what you want to do and when you want to do it not to mention how long you even want to stay there! In groups or with others in general you have to consider the opinions of other when deciding on what you will do! See what I mean? There are many great benefits to solo travel but what I want to focus on today is how you brave solo souls can meet people constantly along the way so you are never truly alone. Let’s start from the top.


The one place and best at that to meet other travelers is a hostel. A hostel for those who do not know is dormitory style budget accommodation places where backpackers stay usually. Not only are they affordable but a great hub and network for meeting other travelers. When your in a room with four or more people it is kind of hard not to speak to one another at some point unless you are just rude or too shy to! Staying in resorts, hotels, private rooms etc. are not a good way to meet many people because your by yourself in a room. Some hostels even have bars and most should have a community room and area where others hang out. Just make sure to read reviews and find a good hostel with a good atmosphere. I absolutely LOVE HOSTELS, there one of my favorite parts about backpacking.


Being online is a great way to stay connected and to meet people and see if you like them beforehand. If your a social media fan you can use apps like Travello to meet other travelers, Tinder for the occasional hook ups or simple online dating….believe it or not I have even used Instagram to find friends online. Actually Instagram is a really good way to meet people as I had met locals friends before in Iceland and Bangkok for example before even arriving! You can use couchsurfing to stay with locals or my favorite which is that connects you to groups of like minded people in your area whether your looking for a fitness group or one for adventure hikes. You can find ALL types of groups on meetups and I even believe they have a App now you can use. I highly recommend!


We are human beings and naturally so like to socialize. If you want to meet people you have to put action behind your words. Getting out, exploring and interacting with people with a simple hello would be a good start. Go out to bars, clubs, cafes, walk around everywhere, go do a cooking class or what ever you need to put yourself in a social environment. You really never know who you will meet. I have met people many times in places you can not imagine so trust me it works. As long as your intention is to meet new people there is no reason you can not.


Your at the age where I am sure you understand what really interest you. It is a great feeling being surrounded by others who like the same things that interest you. Perhaps you love reading and want to join a book club. Maybe there is a sport you like that you can see if a group is playing in the area throughout the week. Again Meetups is a great way to connect with groups and if there is not a group available on the site for what you are looking for you can make one! Focus on finding a club whether it is a religious group of some sort, a chess club or what ever may interest you. If you can not find what you are looking for consider trying something new that may interest you.


Yes get a job while your on vacation wouldn’t that be sweet? Sometimes the people you may meet will be your work colleagues. If your a work and traveler it be a good way to make some money also. If you want to volunteer even better because you are still giving back. Now there is many ways for you to volunteer of course worldwide but I would personally recommend to work at hostels for some time. Your co-workers are more than likely other travelers as well and your working in a environment that host other travelers you will have to socialize with. I mean it is a part of your job at the moment. For a annual fee of $30 for a full year with the company WORKAWAY you will find great hostels worldwide to volunteer at with no problems.

Were human beings folks we love to socialize and there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is when you do not have friends or family who do not want to travel with you or at all and you allowing that to stop you from traveling. If you were worried about being lonely throughout your trip I hope this article will be able to shed some of those fears. Sometimes you will be alone and that is okay. You will learn a lot about yourself and it will drastically help strengthen your character. By choosing actions that surround you with people you will attract more people naturally. Be yourself, interact and do not be shy to join in on a conversation. I am hoping each and everyone of you who reads this to have a great solo travel experience meeting many people along the way so you are never truly alone. You have heard enough from me but now I want to hear from you. Comment below what fears you are trying to overcome to travel solo and I will see if we can come up with a solution together that works! Thank you for reading. Happy and safe travels.- The Archatek