For those who do not know, Bangkok is a huge city filled with people, things to see and places to stay. If your traveling through you want to be where all the action is because commuting around Bangkok is a huge hassle trust me. Although there are many places to see the city center is where you are going to want to be and of course your going to need somewhere nice and affordable to stay. Online your going to be overwhelmed with the number of places to stay which is why this review is here to tell you the one and only place you should consider staying. Pier 49 Hostel!

Pier 49 opened in February 2017 with four floors filled with five rooms to choose from. Four of the rooms are dorms having a 12 bed, 8 bed, 6 bed, and 4 bed rooms to choose from along with one private room. The rooms are pod styled bedding which I love most because of the sense of privacy you have. The rooms are equipped with lockers so be sure to bring your own lock. If you need some check here. The 12 bedroom dorm has to be one of the best dorms I have stayed in. I love the design!

The hostel is conveniently located near the city center surrounding you with many bars, clubs, restaurants, Thai massages and shopping malls to choose from to visit throughout your stay. If you did want to venture out a bit the BTS subway station is also located close by to connect you to anywhere around the city. If you need a good map of the city rest assured the hostel provides it. Make sure on the weekend to hit the biggest market in town, the Chatuchak markets. The hostel is owned by a lovely lady named Gok, her partner Yo and his brother Jack completing the 3 person staffed dream team.

Now when you think of the name itself, “Pier 49” what is the first thing that crosses your mind? The ocean? A pier? A boat? Well if you were thinking any of those things you were on the right track as the hostel is designed with the feel you are at sea on a boat. It is actually a great design that makes this hostel unique enough to stand above the crowd. The owner's inspiration of the lay out of the hostel came from her love of scuba diving and being at sea.

You will notice life rafts, cool antiques of boats and art designs around the hostel to convey the feel of being at sea. Each room even has names of islands you will find around Thailand such as Koh Samui or Koh Tao and the restrooms even have trimmings of a life guard net. She really put some good details in when designing the hostel that's for sure.

The hostel is very relaxed, very clean and has great common areas where you can use the laptop provided for free internet or hop on Netflix and watch a movie. I have to note the WiFi is good on all levels of the hostel. Each room including the common areas are air conditioned so after coming in from the humid outdoors sticky and sweaty believe me you will be relieved. They also offer a laundry service just in case you need to get your belongings nice and clean before you leave.

The reception is ran between 7am-11pm so if you plan to come in late or before these hours just make sure to send them a message as I am sure they will accommodate all of your needs. The hostel is in a safe area and locked and secure 24 hours throughout the day so a key card will be able to get you into the hostel and on to the levels you need to reach.

If your up to book any form of scuba diving in Koh Tao or Pattaya which is the best places to do this around Thailand this would be a great hostel to arrange this. Looking to stay healthy and fit while traveling? The hostel offers promotions for gym passes and Muay Thai classes nearby only entitled to hostel guest. They also provide umbrellas for those who do not know how drastic the rain can be during the rainy season.

To sum it up and to help you make the best decision I have to say I highly recommend a stay at Pier 49 Hostel if your looking for the best place to stay within the city center of Bangkok. The staff is super helpful and friendly which is always a plus and coming here will make you feel like your home away from home. If your ready to enjoy your stay at Bangkok click here and complete your stay at one of the best hostels in Bangkok. Hope you found this review helpful and of course happy and safe travels to all of you. Any questions you like to ask feel free to ask me below. Kind Regards. The Archatek. The hostels information will also be provided below.


Phone: 66-85-665-9263

Address: 3/1 Soi Sukhumvit 49, Sukhumvit Road