On the ride down from Pai I found myself searching around for good hostels to stay at during my stay in Chiang Mai a few days. Now finding the hostels wasn’t a problem, there were loads of them. What made it difficult to choose was the amount of good hostels available to choose from which made it overwhelming. Seriously like almost every hostel had at least a 8 star rating on average which is good in my eyes. Should I go for the cheapest, the more conveniently located or the one with the best pictures? Why not go for all three? I am here to save you the time and tell you exactly where to go without having to think twice! Hostel By Bed.

Hostel By Bed is the best hostel I have stayed at in Chiang Mai in the few times I have visited and one of the most I have been impressed with in all of Thailand. Upon approaching this four story building you will notice the elegant layer of simple black and white patterns and will feel as if you walked into a hotel and less of a hostel. Actually the name itself is based off the famous hotel in Chiang Mai, BED. Their motto is to be simple, easy and helping everyone feel welcome. I have to say they very much do live up to their motto.

Hostel By Bed opened January of 2017 with 60 fresh beds consisting of 8 private rooms, 2 female dorms and 4 mixed dorms each holding 8-14 people. The hostel is conveniently located in the old town on the temples side where it is more quiet. Actually the hostel itself is very chill and lay back with good hangout areas for community so if your looking for a big party hostel this is not the one. It’s actually much better this way if you ask me!

There is a 11 person staff consisting of 5 maids all present between 5am-5pm everyday keeping the hostel looking beautiful for half the day and a 6 person front office team always friendly, welcoming and tending to our needs with their 24 hour reception. The surrounding areas of the hostel are very safe with cafes and restaurants up and down the street and not to mention you have a security card to scan you into the building between certain hours.

Some last things to note that make this hostel impressive:

  • The beds are super comfy..you will sleep like a baby.

  • They offer FREE water bottles to all guest and refill machines.

  • The rooms are all air conditioned throughout the day and night keeping it nice and cool.

  • The lockers are huge so do not worry about not being able to secure all of your stuff. Both of my medium and large sized bags fit in with no problem.

  • Every morning you receive a home cooked breakfast that is different each and everyday so don’t worry about your average bread and toast with coffee or tea in the morning. They go the full mile!

If your coming to Chiang Mai soon save yourself the time and book with Hostel By Bed! You will be happy when you meet the wonderful staff and experience luxury traveling at the best price receiving the best value. Click this link and enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai!