In early March of 2016 I started my business and new life of full time travel. I have been so blessed ever since being able to visit the places from all across the globe. To the people I was able to meet and the things I was able to do. Have you ever stopped and wondered what makes traveling so addictive? Yes..ADDICTIVE! Some people may not realize that traveling is a addiction. If you have realized it have you ever wondered what specifically attracts you to travel? Is it the food? The people? The places? The experiences? What is it? My first traveling experience was drastically different than my second on cruise ships. With cruise ships I had free accommodation, visa free worry travels, the ability to save all my money and eat great food with the guest everyday yet I did not enjoy it as much as my trip around Australia. After analyzing it finally came to me. The style of travel. I realized I was not just addicted to travel. I became aware I was addicted to backpacking and more so the lifestyle that comes from backpacking. A travel lifestyle with three things I believe every traveler needs to have a good experience. FREEDOM. ADVENTURE. PEOPLE. I kid you not travel without one of the three makes it a bit more dull. These are the three things I believe makes us addictive to travel. Okay lets be honest, I am sure food can be included somewhere on the list but to be honest seeing a place alone without the key ingredients to the formula will make you appreciate travel but not become addicted to it. Let’s go over each ingredient step by step.


Every person craves and deserves this reality. After 20 years of living I didn’t get the taste of freedom into my first trip abroad. Traveling alone more so gives you complete and utter freedom. Freedom to do what you want when you want. The ability to decide if you like to be somewhere for a day or a week. The freedom to spend your day hiking around a national park all day or lounging around a hostel recovering from a long night of non stop drinking. Financially you feel free and abundant to pretty much anything that fits your interest. I do believe we were all created to be free but lets be honest, most of us are not. Freedom means using your time how you feel like using it. Are you using your time the way you want to? Traveling brings that freedom into your natural reality. The freedom that travel brings into are awareness is what makes us addicted to it.


This can be described as the experience itself but it is much more than that. Adventure is the act of trying and experiencing something new. Adventure isn’t based off fear but it should be something most people wouldn’t do. Adventure is differently defined by everyone. For me adventure is doing the type of things you see in action films. Camping. Hitchhiking. Nature treks. Skydiving. Road trips. Jetskiing. Adventure really is unlimited and can be anything from mild to down right crazy. Adventure is made up of the food, culture, places and choices you make while traveling. It addicts us to traveling.


I am a solo traveler and enjoy the freedom of being so but have to say traveling would not be the same without the people you come across while traveling. My travels around Malaysia have been better than Indonesia based off people alone. Meeting and networking with people from around the world is such a great thing about traveling. You learn to love and appreciate the people you encounter from different walks of life and most importantly the bonds you make. In turn its like experiencing the culture being somewhere you aren’t. The laughs. The food. The hikes. The experiences. Traveling is certainly not the same without the cool and sometimes unusual people we come across. Were all different and it’s one thing that makes life great being aware of just that. Meeting new people teaches you a lot about the world and sometimes yourself.

There we have it folks. I have painted out the three ingredients to your addiction of travel. Addiction sometimes carries a negative connotation so it is good that something like travel can show us not all addictions are “bad.” The freedom, adventure and people are what fuel this addiction. The need to just surround yourself with good energy all the time. To feel good and be good. That being said, I am wishing for safe and wonderful travels for backpackers world wide. May your travels be filled with freedom, adventure, people and food lol. Feedback of course is always appreciated! Leave comments right below! Kind regards, The Archatek.