When is the last time you did something new for the first time? Water sports have to be one of the MOST ADVENTUROUS things you can do while traveling. I am sure you have all heard of popular water sports such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, jet skiing and so forth but have you ever heard of subwinging? I for sure didn’t until I began my holiday stay on Gili Air in Indonesia last December for Christmas. I had no idea I would be in for more than one treat. Well to be completely honest I did see something like this on my Instagram feed shortly before I actually tried it and thought that would be cool! I just did not know the name of it or where to find it at. So lets talk subwinging…what is it?

Subwinging is when your attached to a board as the one shown above and as your pulled through the water you experience something different. Ever defied the law of gravity underwater? You can dive, twirl, and flip as you create your own underwater flying adventure. YES ! You heard correct ! FLYING UNDERWATER ! Those are the two words I can best use to describe the exhilarating and yet mystical feeling you have gliding along fish, turtles and well…what ever else may be lurking beneath.

  • The holidays were approaching and being a solo traveler in the hustle and bustle of Bali, Indonesia last December I decided it be best to do a trip to the Gili Islands starting with Gili Air . I remember hopping off the boat from one of the craziest and wildest boat trips of my life thinking to myself” Where am I going to put my tent” when I came across a sign that read “ When is the last time you did something new for the first time?” It caught my attention and after doing a bit of research I knew this was one experience I absolutely had to do! The best part is the price is very cheap ! For only 350,000 Rupiah which amounts to $25 USD you get a awesome two hours of gliding around underwater which believe me is more than enough time. Other than that the only things you really need to bring are:
    * A Towel.
    *Swim Suit.
    *Go pro of course to record your adventure.
    *Your ticket. 
    *Bottled water. *Sunscreen?? Not sure as I am black and do not use it 🙂

You may or may not know but the thing about island weather is..it is very unpredictable. One minute it can be nice and sunny and the next minute its pouring down rain. Luckily I can say the weather was perfect! The company I road with was Oceans 5 Dive Center. The tour began around 9am where I met the instructors of the company, one being a local that lived in Indonesia and the other being his partner from Germany. I have forgot there names so please do forgive me but I can vogue they are both wonderful experts in what there doing. After picking up a few other backpackers on Gili T we finally headed to the drop zone. Of course a safety briefing was done that makes it sounds absolutely difficult in which the instructors will even tell you its much easier doing it than when it is actually explained to you…and it is trust me! Of course being stoked to try such a thing I was the first one off the boat and in the water. There were 5 of us including the instructor dangling freely in the ocean with our boards attached to the back of the boat in a formation with the two farthest on the sides from the boat and the 3 closer towards the middle. I HAD A BLAST! The best part was I got to record and take pictures for free on my go pro and there were no sharks ! Oh come on don’t tell me you don’t think the same thing at times when your out dangling in the middle of the ocean like a scene out of Jaws. Just have the instructor attach your go pro to your board if you do plan to bring one. Be warned that taking your go pro is at your own risk so if you lose it..it is entirely on you! However do not feel alarmed as your instructors can be trusted with such a task. Note: If you have had previous experience diving that would be recommended as you will be able to go deep down to swim along the beautiful turtles and corals! No worries I still got to see a few turtles just not up super close as having no experience going down further felt like my head was going to explode!

All in all I would highly recommend a trip to the Gili Islands just to experience Subwinging if not anything else. Yes, excuse my french but it’s that damn good! If your looking to try something new that’s cheap and well worth the time this is the way to go! I mean come on your practically flying underwater! Does it get any better than that ?

Whats Included:

  • Nice scenic boat trip around the Gili Islands

  • Diving equipment fully provided.

  • 2 hours of experiencing something great and adventurous!

Overall Review : 9.5/ 10 Overall I had a great time! The tour is simple, fun and definitely something your going to want to try over and over again hands down! If your looking to try something new for the first time or something just outright plain and cool I wouldn’t know how many more words I can put together for you to convince you to go do it! If you like water which pretty much everyone does and ever slightly dreamed of how it would feel to defy the laws of gravity underwater….DO IT!