What Thailand has to offer in the North is much different than what you will find in the South. You leave from the laid back island lifestyle filled with caves, good beaches and from a robust city like Bangkok into a more traditional side of the Thai culture. In the North you will find more waterfalls, hot springs and temples if that is what your looking for you are in for a adventure! I started my trip to the North with a 13 hr train ride from the South to the infamous town of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai

After living in Chiang Mai for two months one thing I noticed is during the rainy season it's much more gloomier and rainy in the North all around. The first thing to note is the food in the North is much more cheaper and better if you ask me so to speak. In Chiang Mai you can do loads of things including visiting a elephant sanctuary or the tiger kingdom, train in martial arts or watch some fights for crazy cheap prices and visit loads of temples up in the mountains and around the city. Chiang Mai is the #1 place you want to visit in the North have you ever the time to pay it a visit in my opinion.

Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao was a bit secluded as I am not sure if I would recommend more than two days for a solo traveler. None the less there is so much to see in regards of landscape. Some nice hot springs, and views like the one you see above. I rented a bike and cycled around for a full day and would recommend the same!

Chiang Rai

I did not spend much time here but the #1 thing people come to see is the picture of the temple above. If your up to see this amazing scene of architecture pay it a visit.


Pai was my second favorite place up in the north. Much more laid back than Chiang Mai but absolutely stunning in scenery. There's a great party scene. There is one club that closest latest where everyone usually ends up at. Be careful riding through the hills with motorbikes as the roads are real windy. Do not forget to check out the hot springs!

Mae Hong Son

If your a solo traveler I am not sure how much you will like this place. Nothing much to do here at all besides visit a few temples and to walk around the town. It's very secluded so if you don't have a motorbike your really limited on options although there is much to see outside of the town.


My last place I visited in the North. The ruins here are absolutely amazing! It was more what I expected out of the ancient ruins in Ayuthyada down in the South. There are cool Buddha statues and temples you can visit around the town. Good for a two day stop over. By the way don't climb on the ruins as the Thai take offense to it. Respect their property.

My trip through the north was much shorter but man I enjoyed it. The terrain is much different than the South as you won't find many beaches up there but take time to appreciate what it has to offer. I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask below. Kind regards, The Archatek.