Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hello! My name  is Devaughn Thornton aka The  Archatek and I am a 23-year-old  Adventure Travel Blogger and Photographer from  Los  Angeles, California. I first wanted to start off by thanking you for spending your time to view my website as I hope it will provide you with help in any form you are looking for in regards to travel. So now...a little about myself. My first travels took me on a  journey to Australia in December 2014  for nearly a year and after returning home shortly I began my own travel blog, made my own website and went full time traveling  April 2016 beginning on cruise ships for 8 months and then going solo on my adventures. Living the wonderful life I am blessed to have to be able to work and travel has inspired me to find ways to help others to be just as free and adventurous. Have you ever wondered How to travel on a budget while still being able to afford the adventures, luxury and wonderful things travel has to offer? Where to travel for the best adventures? Where to stay and how to get there? Then look no further as my adventure travel blog is here to answer all these questions for you and more! I know the scary feeling of embarking on your first trip and not knowing what to expect. I am hoping I can make this journey that much easier for you knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If one thing travel has taught me it is the importance of community and helping one another out. If you want to get in contact with me head  HERE and you're bound to get a response within 24 hrs. My goal is to inspire and help you to live a life of freedom and adventure!

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