At the beginning of the 21st century the word app did not exist within our vocabulary. Fast forward to today I am not sure if there are many souls on earth today that would not know what they are and the value that certain one bring to us. Apps are just as important when it comes to traveling and believe me if your using the right ones it will make your life that much easier. Stick around to the end and I will give you two bonus apps to make money through.

#1 Skype

When your traveling away from home it is natural that you will miss your friends and family back home. Luckily we are blessed to live in a century where you can not only see them virtually that is but speak to them no matter where you are at in the world. This can really cope with the problem of being home sick. Not to mention if you run a online business and need to talk to clients or possible business partners you can host meetings right online via Skype. Talk about convenient.

#2 Currency

When traveling from one place to another your going to have to deal with converting your countries currency into another. The best way to get the most updated and accurate result is by checking yourself using currency. Each currency in the world is listed so there will be no problem understanding how much you are giving and receiving when it comes to currency exchange not to mention it's always good to be able to double check yourself.

#3 World Time Buddy

I am sure we all have friends and family around the world that we like to stay in contact with. If your planning to visit a place, host a Skype or just simply want to know what time it is somewhere else for what ever reasoning world time buddy is the way to go. Just as currency is used to convert money, world time buddy is used to convert time. I always use this before calling mom and pops back home to make sure I am not skyping them at 3am when it's noon where I am at.

#4 Travello

Travello is a great social media that is is a online destination for travelers. It's a good way to connect with people across the globe sharing our passion for travel. When you in put your upcoming trips you receive a list of people going to the same country during the time your going to be there. Great way to make friends before traveling.

#5 Couchsurfing

Not only is couchsuring a great way to meet locals but to save money while traveling. Idealistically for the solo and budget traveler, you get to live with someone...yes a stranger you met on the internet for the duration of your stay. Believe me it is perfectly safe and I have not ever heard of anyone saying otherwise with the experience of using this app.

#6 Paypal

I would say you should use paypal period even when your not traveling. If you run a online business this is idealistically the best way to get paid for your service and safest not to mention. Not only that but you have a secure way of purchasing items online and sending money to whoever it may be.

#7 OpenSignal

Opensignal is a great app to use if your hungry for the nearest WiFi channel and that is exactly what this app does. It displays all the closest areas nearby that have available WiFi and there you go problem half way solved! This app is mainly for those who run online businesses or simply can not dare to go without WIFI for long. Its literally a compass out for WiFi.

#8 Speedtest

Now that you found the WiFi you need to check if it's any good or not right? This is a great app to use for finding the strongest WiFi bandwidth. If you have mobile data you can also check how good your connection is. Again, mainly for the WiFi addicts who can not live without it.

#9 Instagram

Haha maybe some of you clicked though IG and already know and if you don't know now you know as biggie smalls use to say. Instagram is the best social media hands down to share your experience with the outside world. It is a powerful app that has changed the wold as we know it. Believe it or not you can even make money using the app by selling a product or service.

Apps are such a great thing that has made our lives easier and more interesting. If your traveling around or planning to soon here are a few apps that can make your life much me. Is there any apps you use that can be of help to me or anyone else reading this blog? If so comment below I love to know a few myself. Two apps I can recommend to help you make money online would make Make Money and Feature Points. Til next time folks. Happy and safe travels. The Archatek.