If you had to choose between having the most money in the world or time what would you choose? I for one would choose time because it is much more valuable. Money comes and goes. Time just keeps going and is not something you can truly control…or can you? Probably not but you can take certain actions to manage the time in your life more carefully. It was not until becoming a entrepreneur that I began to realize how important time truly is for your life, your business… EVERYTHING! We all get 24hrs in a day so no complaining! Let’s just see how you can use those 24 hours to your best advantage.


Some people are morning people and others are not. I know I was not. Getting up early for school as a kid I hated the most and thus why the weekends were my favorite days of the week. If there is one thing I noticed from successful entrepreneurs starting with my Dad is they are always up early and when I mean early I am talking about between 4-6 AM early everyday. Getting up early I can verify makes your day feel much longer and thus you can get more done throughout the day. It is true when they say the early birds get the most worms. Of course that means you have to sleep earlier which may mean giving up partying or late night excursions but than again most entrepreneurs do not spend their time that way to begin with plus sleep is more important.


When you do this make sure you write it down on paper. I would say to take it a step further having a daily or weekly to do list listing out what you need to complete day by day. Setting goals and making a plan create a strong area of focus. By knowing what you need to do you understand what you should be spending your time doing throughout the day.


Having a routine is a great way to know your spending your time wisely. With the previous step you know what you should be doing. With a routine you know around what time you should be doing it. Not only that but having a routine eliminates having to use mental energy on things you could save it on. Why do you think wealthy billionaires like Steve Jobs wear the same outfits everyday? It’s one less thing they have to focus on. Making decisions can take up your time which is what we do not want. By having a routine you already know what you need to do. Have a routine from the start of the day til your off time knowing what time you want to wake up, to exercise, to eat, to work or anything you want done.


You know… the opposite of being lazy. Make sure the task you have listed out are things reasonable you can get done in a day. If it is just focus on the take at hand. Make no excuses or complaints. Go into attack mode and TAKE ACTION! Just get it done. Have you heard the saying “ Things do not work unless you do?” It is very much true.


Why are watches so valuable? Because they help us keep track of time if that was not obvious. Keep one on your wrist at all times so while working you can be aware of the time and maybe so to test yourself and see how long it takes for you to get things done. Set alarms when you work so you can separate time between each task you need to get done. Otherwise you can end up going on and on exhausting yourself out. It’s not a race so you must pace yourself with breaks in between. By organizing your task into time frames believe me you will get a lot done.


When you set a alarm and it goes off…take a break. Go to sleep at the same time everyday so you can wake up at the same time everyday. Self monitor your actions asking yourself if what your doing is a part of your schedule in case you fall off. You have to be conscious of time and the way to do it is to train your mind to remain in the moment. How do you do that? The easiest and best way I can tell you is to start off by meditating to help keep you aware of the present moment. Meditation also helps you to become mindful which you need to be able to self observe your thoughts and actions to do so.


I have been told to be successful you have to be consistent. Joining a mastermind group is a great way to have accountability for your actions if not by just simply telling someone else. Still none the less you have to be in control of YOUR SELF AND YOUR ACTIONS. The first big way is to eliminate as many distractions as possible while your working towards your goals. Cell phones which is the biggest, people, social media…what ever is a distraction has to be limited or let go of. Without distractions you have better focus and a greater sense of what it means to be self-disciplined. Still none the less until you make it a goal to master your mind self discipline is going to be tricky at first. Have you ever noticed how kids can go from one thing to doing something completely different within a matter of seconds? That is because their minds are not trained to focus and if you view yourself and other adults I am sure you will see it is a problem that has followed us into adulthood. Again meditation is the one advice I can offer that is free and most effective in bringing you into the realm of mindfulness.

Have you ever gotten to the end of your day and thought to yourself “How much did I accomplish today?” Than you soon realize almost completely nothing and wonder where did all the time go? Well for one start by looking at how productively you used that time and the answers will be there. TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT folks I can not stress it enough and how you self manage your time is even more valuable. When you begin to self manage your time correctly your days will feel longer and more meaningful. Be great for the time you have for we do not know when it will run out so use it wisely! I want to hear below in the comments any tips that you will begin using today from this article that you feel will help you. Is there any more you can suggest to me? I love to hear folks. I hope this blog was very useful for you and helped you in one way or another. Happy and safe travels to all and remember to live life freely and adventurously!- The Archatek

Here is a good alarm clock to keep you on track with time.