The term “Digital Nomad” is a term still fresh to the world but something that has been around for at least a decade. Common words used are remote workers,online entrepreneurs or people described as being location independent. It is crazy but yet wonderful to know that the world has evolved into a time where people can experience a life of freedom from just having a laptop and a good WiFi connection. Sure of course it takes much more than that but I am sure we all can agree we should be grateful for the wonderful times we live in should we not? As I mentioned being a digital nomad is still new to the world and as a blogger I feel I like to provide information for the present and future of new travelers to come who are interested in this lifestyle. The exact reason I decided to put together a list of 7 things I believe every digital nomad should know or anyone interested in becoming one at least. Things I wish I knew at the start because we all know there are two sides of the same coin. That being said let’s dive right into today’s lesson starting from the very top!

1) Find your niche first! Over the past course of a year I have been hearing this hundreds of times to the point it started to sound like a broken tape recorder but trust me it is very important in determining your line of work and what kind of business will you run! Some people ask, well how do you find your niche? To start I would say you need to become aware of three things connected to your niche. Your passions, your skills and your hobbies. Once you know what they are the fun part of turning your passion into profit begins! Now here is the one mistake you can make in choosing your nice. Settling for something to broad. You have to narrow it down! My example would be when I first found my niche. I first labeled it as travel. Here is the problem with that. Are you focused on luxury travel? Travel with pets? Staying fit while traveling? The list will go on forever until you find one area of real focus. It was not until I focused on Adventure Travel  and Remote Working that I understood what I can be a expert at bringing the most value to you all. You can still write about other things that interest you time to time but just remember the importance in finding your niche is like finding your focus! Also do you research to determine how big or small the current audience is in that niche.

2) Do not rush it! When I first started traveling I enjoyed moving at a fast pace from one place to another. I still do little travel rushes as I call them but after my experience now realizing travel is a full time lifestyle I know I need to pace myself and would like to advice you to create a slower pace of travel as well. It took me a while to notice but the journey in between from one place to another is more important than the destination itself. The destination is simply a guide to where you are going. Being a digital nomad you are more than likely choosing this lifestyle to be more free and to become long term travelers otherwise you would not build a life around it. Believe me traveling from one place after another will leave you feeling exhausted and like a stray dog at times. Taking the time to just be somewhere where you can work without feeling rushed, to rejuvenate physically and mentally and to experience gratitude taking time to reflect on the places you visited is good for your health and lifestyle.

3) Which type of digital nomad are you looking to become? Yes you heard correct! With careful observation of the digital nomad lifestyle I have noticed there are two types of digital nomads. You have the freelance nomad and the entrepreneur nomad. The freelancer is the nomad who creates a business that is more spontaneous and going with the flow type of travel using your skills to find work as you travel. The entrepreneur is obviously creating something more stable and structured over time. You have lesser freedom than the freelance as you have more responsibilities and discipline that must be met on a daily. Then again you can be a bit of both as I am. I am more so the freelance at times but than again the entrepreneur at other times. It’s all about finding balance just make sure you know which one you are coming into the ball game as.

4) It will affect your style of traveling. Are you a slow or fast paced traveler? A nature lover or city person? The fact is wherever WIFI is you must be somewhere close by! You have to stay connected. For some this will not be hard. Your going to become a bit of a WIFI addict downloading apps like Open Signal to guide you towards the strongest bandwidth. Rightfully so it is the one thing that supports your lifestyle but when you find the first question you ask when you arrive at hostels, cafes or restaurants is “What is the WIFI password?” You know you have been sucked in! If you are a nature lover or someone who likes to get off the beaten path often learning to be disconnected from the outside world at times is going to be a tough battle with in between doing what you love and doing what needs to be done. This is the one way I can say I have been affected.

5) Have times when you can disconnect. Psychologically I believe it can be a bit unhealthy to become overly obsessed with the online world and feeling like you need to be always present. You have to reward yourself for your hard work and let’s be honest the best way to do that is to take a break from life every now and than otherwise you will burn yourself out! The good thing to be thankful is you still can choose where you want to go it just needs to be a place that has good WIFI. To fight this problem consider hiring a virtual assistant that can tend to your online duties when you need a escape. Sites like Fiverr or Upwork be a good place to start looking for one!

6) Prepare for a routine and non routine lifestyle. I am sure by now we all have experienced the non routine lifestyle traveling in general will bring. One thing to be grateful as nomads is the ability to live in places across the globe as we travel so when you get exhausted from moving one place to another which is bound to happen and decided you want to live in London or Chiang Mai for a few weeks or months you get the privilege back of living a routine lifestyle. Depending on your way of travel and how you pace yourself you will have to be prepared for a mixture of both lifestyles.

7) Create or find a mastermind group to join. There is a positive effect being around like minded people. On the road to building a successful company your bound to realize at one point there is no I in team. Plain and simple doing all the work yourself is not fun and exhausting! Save yourself the time of realizing something inevitable now before the long run in life. You will need help. Seek it now and you will be two steps ahead of the game. If there is one quote I love the most it has to be “Team work makes the dream work.”

There we have it folks! Seven things you should know about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle. Of course there are many other things for us to learn that I will be sure to include in future blogs as I learn along the way. Have you subscribed yet? By subscribing today I am offering you the first 3 chapters of my e-book, Adventure Travel In a Backpack for free! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the adventures ahead you do not want to miss out on! Live a life of freedom and Adventure. – The Archatek