The lifestyle of a digital nomad is a blessed lifestyle that truly redefines what it means to be a nomad. I am pretty sure no one knew the birth of the internet would lead to people being able to live the laptop lifestyles as remote workers or digital nomads now days as we call them as backpackers and world travelers. Starting your own business may be a difficult process at first but one worth it none the less when you reach the other side. Being a digital nomad is great. I first learned about this lifestyle when I moved abroad my first time to Australia and began hearing the lingo and coming across nice Instagram’s painting the picture of having a office in beautiful locations all around the world being able to work freely. That word alone is what inspired me to research on the lifestyle and dedicated my time to creating a life of my own similar.

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”-Bob Marley

I am GRATEFUL to be a digital nomad because I am grateful to be free. You never know what it is until you truly have it. A lot of the time FEAR stops us in life from truly doing and becoming what we want in life. I had many insecurities and doubts myself not to mention being impatient at times. We all go through it. None the less there is something I believe we all truly deserve at birth and that is to be truly free and in control of our own lives. We should be thankful we all live in glorious times were it is now more than easier to start are own businesses and being our own boss. To be true entrepreneurs and creators. Man am I thankful for all the people and sacrifices that came before our times to make all this possible and easier for us. I am going to tell you 7 reasons you should be a digital nomad.


Beep! Beep! Beep! Oh no it is that sound again. Your alarm clock disrupting you up out of your sleep indicating it is time to go spend your time working for someone else. I love that those days are completely and officially over for me and wish the same upon others. Yea sure I still set alarms but this time I get to chose what time I want to start my day. Not only that but having a business means you can do something most important which is to bring value to the world while helping others. If you have a true love to help others I guarantee your on the right path of thinking. Being your own boss means you are in full control of your life and how you choose to help impact this world. The answer may be obvious but would you rather spend your time taking orders from others or being the one who calls the shots?


You know some people have asked me before what does my nickname, The Archatek mean? It means I am the builder and constructor of my own universe and a master of many crafts. That is what it means to me at least. If you look around it becomes apparent everyone is living the same lives in different bodies. Sometimes it feels like a pattern after being here spiritually so many times. Work your whole life until your nearly dead, have kids, die and repeat. Not to make it sound miserable but look at it this way. You live your whole life working under someone else and listening to what the outside world is telling you and lose sight of what the inside wants. Happiness. Freedom. Freedom to choose your own destiny. To be a renegade and create your own path. Free to learn. Free to grow. Free. Free. Free. It is one of those things you acquire when your a digital nomad or at least a true taste of it every now and than. Of course you should always have a structure but than again you are free to choose that choice yourself.


If there is one thing I can vow that never interested me about life was in living a normal one. It’s actually what got me into religion as a child. To believe that something about life was not normal. Movies like Harry Potter, The Matrix and the Jason Bourne series always fueled my imagination. Holidays like Halloween and Christmas were always my favorite because of the folklore’s behind them. I always have had a feeling that there is more to life that meets the physical eyes and still believe so to this day. Now how does being a digital nomad transition your life into the non normal so to speak? Well for starters as a long term traveler you begin to live a life of uncertainty while experiencing at times what it is to have a non routine lifestyle. The next part is the travel aspect. Living in different places around the world. Interacting with the locals, culture, languages and experiencing life differently. Having one experience after the next like a ongoing adventure movie. Nothing feels normal anymore trust me and it feels good!



I am sure you may have heard this one before. One of the beautiful aspects of being a digital nomad is that is exactly what you are doing. I love this the most about my career. I do not have to worry about planning for vacations because I get to visit new places all the time while keeping a healthy balance between the work aspect and the part were you are suppose to enjoy yourself. Getting paid to travel and while you travel is a wonderful thing. Whose ready to give up the 2 weeks off only a year? I know I was!


Now that you have the power to determine how long or short you want to stay somewhere you have more visa flexibility which can make a big difference. Let’s say you only planned to visit a place for two weeks and a country offers a free 30 day period upon arrival. That can save the stress of worrying of having to pay out of pocket for a different visa you may have not needed. Having flexibility means you have more control over your journey which I am sure you would like to have over it. You open yourself up to being able to make decisions as you go along moment by moment as it should be. Not to mention that is a good way to remain aware in this present moment. You can decided to leave earlier or to stay longer. Visas can be a bit tricky that why it is important to have open options to as many as you can. Not only that but it leads to the next benefit of being a digital nomad on our list.


When you have a online business as long as you have a strong band of WiFi connection and a suitable work environment you get to make money from anywhere in the world! One less thing to worry about is one less thing to stress about in regards of finances in this case. Also for example imagine if your lets say South East Asia somewhere and wanted to get a job that ends up not paying very well. Especially if your use to getting paid in a stronger currency..that can suck. Overall you have a job where you can work from anywhere so there is no limit to where you can go. If your good at budgeting once your online business begins making money which believe me it will at some point if it has not yet you will not have to worry about running out of money either. Which again opens you up to more options in the decision making processes you will face while traveling each day.


My favorite part of being a digital nomad! When I moved from a overcrowded city to a remote laid back island in Australia I found something new to be grateful for. The size of the island I worked on was 1 km back and forth. Getting to work was a breeze! No need to hop in the car and drive miles away to work or worst hopping on the bus early in the freaking morning to arrive on time. I hop out of bed now and BAM there my office is or at least somewhere close by. You never truly appreciate the time and energy saved in a day from a non commute job until you have one. Another thing I never have to worry about anymore is having a car. Yup, no more insurance policies to deal with, the fear of accidents or thefts haunting me everyday, repair and maintenance cost and the worst…TRAFFIC to deal with.

The list can go on and on as I am sure but these are 7 quick facts I wanted to share with you to hopefully inspire you to become a digital nomad. If you want to hear more about being a digital nomad you can check out my book in the store HERE on sale for only $5 and who does not have that? It is filled with info to help you travel more freely and adventurously! You can learn more about the book BY CLICKING HERE. Nothing in life is easy otherwise everyone would be doing it. But the things that are not easy are always well worth it. It is worth the trial and error to be able to have a location independent business. I want to hear from you now. Which of these tips inspired you the most to begin figuring out how you plan to create a life similar being a remote worker?  Comment below I love to find out and hear from you. Til next time folks happy and safe travels. Remember to live a life of freedom and adventure!- The Archatek