The beautiful part about life is we are all born with different skills we are good at thus were not all the same and have different likes and dislikes. Somethings people are good at while others would not be able to manage even if they tried at first naturally. Just like not everyone is built for the army or being a professional cook, not everyone would qualify to be a digital nomad. I am not saying you can not do it but more so the lifestyle may not be for you. There are certain qualities that if you have about yourself would make you a stronger candidate for signing up for the digital nomad lifestyle. It is different from a normal life trust me. Being able to travel is not rocket science in itself as it is something we all can do. Being able to travel long term, doing what you love while making a suitable income out of it is another. Whether you have the skills or not to start a business is not a big concern. If you have any of the qualities I am going to describe below you have a higher chance in making it into this awesome lifestyle of freedom and adventure.


This ties more into the travel aspect of being a digital nomad, you must be able to adapt to different circumstances continuously as they happen. Different places, different food, different weather…everything will be different. Obviously the world around us is constantly changing and if your one to fear change and not embrace it…Houston we may have a problem. Personally being from Los Angeles, things are constantly changing all the time whether it is the latest fashion or the weather itself LA always has been a fast paced city with change coming in just as fast. It is one of the things I am grateful for about back home. Growing up in this type of environment made me into a great adapter and thus as well digital nomad. Do you feel like you are good at adapting to different situations without fear in mind? I sure hope so because you will have to live a non routine lifestyle at times.


Why is this important? As a digital nomad you are signing up to be a long term traveler. What do long term travelers need to travel? Money! The more you save, the more you have, the longer you will go. Not only that but with having a business I am sure you understand at some point being able to self manage money correctly is very important. Budgeting does not have to mean always buying the cheaper options, but aiming for the ones that will give you more value. Use Couchsurfing to save money on accommodation. Cut down the number of tours you do and things you buy you don’t need. Learn how to budget by focusing on finding the best deals.


Staying organized when you travel is very important because it is a good way to stay prepared for anything that can happen during your journey. To be organized you have to become good at creating systems that work for you. You can have a system of how to pack your bag so that you know exactly where everything is or a system of how to manage your time.If your someone who is good at staying organized and one who is good at keeping things balanced this will be good as well.


You have to know things will not happen right away for you. Through trial and error you must be the only person you listen to because trust me the haters and naysayers will come to try and bring you down. Have faith in yourself and your dreams. Being able to take rejection and most importantly to take risk is very important if you plan to turn this lifestyle from a dream into a reality. Things may not go how you want them to go but with persistence you will make it. Winners never quit, quitters never win!


Your going to have to be able to give up things to live this life of freedom. To sacrifice being in your comfort zone and having a “secure” income that a regular job offers. To sacrifice time to get to where you want to get and money at other times. To sacrifice your peace of mind living a life of uncertainty. Do you have a car at home? Well you certainly will not be needing that if your traveling the world long term so guess what you will have to sacrifice that…it is the best thing to do trust me. I had a lovely convertible Ford Mustang that I got rid of because it was taking more from me while traveling than giving me any value. Once I made the decision to sell it was like destiny I sold it within a week which I was not surprised being as nice as a car it was. What about family and friends back home? Time away from them will have to be sacrificed as well. Sacrifices will have to be made it is inevitable. When you remain unattached from everything sacrifices can be dealt with in a more healthy manner overcoming the guilt and regrets that may come from them.


What ever online business you have whether it be selling a product or a service I am sure we can agree you will need one thing to succeed. Customers! Hoping that people will come stumbling across your site by mere chance is like hoping that if you jumped out of a high rise building you would not hit the ground. It’s not that what your offering is bad; it’s just people need to have a way of finding out about it and that is where online marketing comes in at. Advertising is just a small part of the marketing process. Mastering this skill will help you much if your serious about becoming a nomadic online worker. If I had to say, online marketing is something you should defiantly invest time in learning.


If you were born in the 90’s and up until the present moment take time to realize how grateful you should be to grow up in a time as technology entered the world. Knowing how to use a smartphone and apps is pretty easy. As far as the computer aspect work for example knowing how to use Microsoft Word to improve your written communication skills or how to make a power point be minimal skills you should have. Honestly knowing how to work google to your advantage be most important to learn in my opinion. Targeting the right words when researching and understanding SEO is a bonus skill to have!

Now for the big question. Are you qualified to live the digital nomad lifestyle? I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. If you have some or all of these qualities but do not feel you have the skills to run a online business I am here to tell you you can. If you have the qualities to live the lifestyle than trust you can learn the skills to support it. I want to see below the top 3 qualities you have currently to make it as a digital nomad in the comment section or you can write 3 you like to work on! Happy and safe travels and remember to live a life of freedom and adventure! Til next time. – The Archatek