With another SEA country crossed off of my list rightfully so I think it is time for another review, this time of the places I visited while in Malaysia. For starters I had no idea how drastically different the culture from Indonesia to Malaysia would be. I had no expectations from Malaysia at that. Malaysia is a country colonized by western society so everything from the infrastructure to the style of living felt like something I was use to being American and to be honest more comfortable. Although I loved rice and noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two months straight it felt good to have a fish burger with fries for the first time that felt like forever…whatever that feels like lol. Public transportation was much more developed and going back to toilet paper filled restrooms with a nice comfortable seat felt so unreal. With Indonesia being a neighbor country I was surprised how drastically different the two countries were from one another. Malaysia even offers a three month free visa on arrival and is the very reason I am in love with Indian food to this day! I found myself continually appreciating Malaysia each and every step and adventure along the way. After spending a few days in lovely Singapore I made my way to my first stop in Malaysia…Malacca!

Malacca was described to me as a town owned by local Malays as a fishing village before being colonized by the British in 1826. I have to say my least favorite place of Malaysia but then again a lot of factors could of effected my trip such as the no good hostel I stayed in and besides that there was not much to see around the town. Even for me it was hot! Still none the less if your stopping by I recommend a two day max stop over to see the infamous church and to try out the variety of good food you will find on the Komtar walk. Overall: 6/10

Kuala Lumpur . I am not much of a city person when I travel but I have to say I really liked KL. If your planning to go I would highly recommend to stay at Twenty Five Ohana hostel as it is one of the best I have stayed at in my life by far. Great social environment with a PS3 in the common area not to mention. Kitchen, stove, gym, sauna, a infiniti pool, wifi is great but the icing on top of the cake has to be the fact your on the 25th floor of a high rise building in the middle of the city with a stunning view. Talk about luxury adventure travel! Reggae’s mansion is another good choice as it has a rooftop bar that only guest are entitled to. Back to the city, of course you will want to visit the infamous Petronas towers but other than that it’s just a cool city to explore. At night there are tons of “secret” clubs around the city you can try and find and the mall slab dab in the middle of the city has been the first I have been to with a amusement park in the mall! Overall: 8.5/10

Taman Negara. For all the nature lovers make sure you definitely pay a trip to the biggest rainforest located right in the middle of the country! Of course you are able to do pretty much anything you can do in rainforest from jungle treks, to canopy walks or overnight camping trips. Besides the amount of wild animals you will find here I like to recommend at least a one night stay at Dans Adventure Travel campground as they have a great campsite located next to a beautiful lake! Overall: 8/10

Cameron Highlands. Very beautiful place to stop over for more camping and nature walks during your time in Malaysia. It is much colder than other parts of Malaysia so do be advised to bring warmer clothing. There are tons of trails you can do to mountain peaks and what not but if there is two things I would recommend seeing during your stop over in would be the mossy forest and the tea plantation. Overall :7.5/10

Georgetown. The fact that I lived here for two months should allow you to know how much I love and highly recommend this place! I won’t say much as you can check out my previous blog TOP 5 ADVENTUROUS THINGS TO DO IN GEORGETOWN but I will say this. Georgetown should be on any and all traveler’s bucket list. The culture, food and people make this place a truly wonderful and nice place to be. Not to mention the weather is always hot and good!
Overall: 9/10

Langkawi Island. Not a big fan of islands this big you have to rent bikes or hire taxis to drive around but I have to say it is a nice and beautiful island! There are tons of adventurous activities, tours and amusement parks on the island but the one thing I would recommend a trip here for is to visit the infamous skybridge. There are also tons of hikes and waterfalls you can come across on the island!

I do not know if I loved Malaysia based off the western atmosphere it gave off but I have to say this country exceeded my expectations! Easy to get around, great hostels to stay at and full of adventures. Did not get over to Borneo this time around but hey it will be a good excuse to come back to Malaysia one day. Overall review: 9/10