How many of us truly value our health? I am not talking about the people who only notice their health when they are sick or worst. I am talking about the people who give thanks to good health even when it is good. Thankful for a nice beating heart. Having a healthy mind and all your senses and limbs intact. I say it all the time, “Health is wealth,” and I want to pinpoint the fact that great health is what is keeping us alive and essentially feeling good about ourselves. We all know how important that is. When your constantly moving from one location to another and continuously bombarding your mind with things you need to do traveling from moment to moment it becomes easy to see how you can lose track of healthy habits without a set routine to keep you grounded. That is why I decided to put together five easy and helpful tips to be aware of to keep you healthy while traveling.


This should come to no surprise but you would be shocked to hear how many of us young travelers forget to do this when our mind is in vacation mode. We figure there is no harm in gaining a few pounds now if surely we could lose it later right? Which let’s be honest I am guilty of this a few times and believe it is not. The point is eating healthy does not mean you need to have a diet or go vegetarian. But let’s be honest we need to cut the cough* McDonald’s, cough* KFC and anything else known that we eat is unhealthy out of our lives. I divide food into two categories only. Higher vibration foods and lower vibration foods. Higher vibration foods are the one’s that simply make you feel good after you eat it. Fruits, vegetables (especially green veggies), vitamins and anything well cooked could all fit into that category. Actually I figure eating a sit down meal is healthier than eating a on the go meal. Lower vibration food would be the fast food or fried foods we grab on the go. Spend a bit more money to ensure your body is eating well. Try out different foods and consciously ask yourself do I feel good or bad? That is how you will know if it is good for your or not and essentially what category it falls under.


It has actually been scientifically proven that our human body could go longer without food that it can without water. Yes, when I say drink plenty of fluids I mean water. Why? The first fact would be it is completely healthy for us and the most affordable not to mention. The second fact would be it is the only fluid you can find indefinitely anywhere on this planet. Drinking alcohol is actually the complete opposite of being healthy but if you are going to do so when you travel just do it moderately. Besides your good health in stake it will save you a lot of money. I personally love water and drink it 90% of the time! People who are visiting islands, rain forest or any other hot and humid environment need to drink much more. Being a backpacker who follows the summer believe me I have learned the importance in it. I even find it valuable to invest in a good water bottle for your travels. There always seems to be a recommendation on how much water to drink in a day but my only advice would be to drink as much as needed. More is always better.


This is a bit tricky to make a routine out of during travel. Now if your visiting a small town or city I can bet on it there should be a gym or park present somewhere in the area you can visit once or twice. My favorite type of exercise personally is free exercise you can do from anywhere. Better yet having a exercise that can incorporate into my digital nomad lifestyle as a blogger and content creator is even better. There is two things I do. The first would be long walks. Yes, going for long walks are healthy for you and a good way to become mindful at that. I am not talking about a short hour stroll through a park but more so three-four hours walking from one location and back. It can also tie into my second free activity which is hiking. Hiking is a great way to give your whole body at once a exercise that will keep you healthy. You can even do push ups, sit ups, curls or crunches for free also. Play a sport at a recreation center, hire a bike for a few dollars or just go for a jog creating your path as you go along.


When were young it is crazy how we not only allow ourselves but are actually capable of putting off sleep. Whether it is shortening the amount of time we taking from staying out to late or just staying up for days on end partying at a festival. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT! I became a victim of robbing myself of sleep in the motive of giving myself more time in a day. We will have more time to sleep when were dead right?

I started sleeping 6 hours a day while going full on 18hrs with no breaks in sight. I will tell you right now your setting yourself up to crash badly when it catches up to you…and it will. In my defense however I am sure we all can agree were so busy when traveling that we lose sight of the benefits of having a routine. Not to mention other factors such as night buses, having to catch a late flight or arriving in places in different time frames while keeping up with a fast pace can put us in positions where we will have to disrupt our sleep patterns every now and than. With 6hrs of sleep a day I felt completely exhausted and struggled to get throughout the day no matter how much food or water I had my energy was still low. It was not until I pushed myself back up to 8hrs a day that my body actually began to feel more capable and energized to get throughout the day. I was actually having a really bad twitching irritation around my eye recently and after doing research and finding out it was related to sleep I decided to give myself more rest. When I started doing so the strange irritation around my eye I was feeling went away quickly and almost immediately. The best thing about being a digital nomad I am grateful for is not waking up to a alarm clock. How do you do that? Simple, first know your body. Second, choose a time you want to start your day and sleep X amount of hours before you know your body usually will wake up.


Have time to yourself. Time where you can just sit, relax and think to yourself. Do what you want to do. Focus on pleasing you. Whether it is reading a book, getting a massage or going for a long walk; make sure to have some time for YOU put away. Focus only on you and take time to appreciate everything your body and mind does for you day in and day out. Treat yourself. It is a good way to show you love and appreciate yourself. Which you should.

I like to keep it short and simple. Traveling is such a wonderful thing but keep in mind so is your health. Maintaining good health will lead to more good travel experiences. Besides you could not do anything if you were not healthy right? I want to end this with two more key ingredients that can help you. Meditation to help clear your mind, focus it correctly and to keep you grounded. Also to be thankful for the current state of your health. If your healthy now you have a ton to be grateful for. Being grateful now for it will continue to bring more good health to be grateful for day after day. That is it for now fellow travelers! I hope this was helpful for you. Comment below what healthy changes you will bring to your life while traveling or recommend anything that I left out! I love to hear from you. Happy and safe travels to you all. Remember to strive to live a life of freedom and adventure!- The Archatek